Friday, January 9, 2009

Review on Traumatized by The Angry Princess

Traumatized- Author Alexander S. Brown
Saturday November 22nd, 2008 7:23 pm Posted by AngryPrincess

ISBN: Hard Cover- 978-1-4363-7409-5
Soft Cover- 978-1-4363-7408-8
Xlibris Publishing

Alexander S. Brown sent me a copy of his book Traumatized and it kept me on my couch the whole weekend with my nose buried in his 15 fabulous tales. This is a smorgasboard of stories to tempt your sensory taste buds with. I say this because there is a story about every topic there is- from witches, demons, and hell, to a nasty bout with sushi! But here is the thing, even though they are topics we've already heard about thousands of times before, they are all still original storylines that haven't already been imprinted in your noggin from years of previous experience. It's always hard enough to find an author you like, but I can assure you Brown's work will promptly impress you.