Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Yuletide Souls Festival of Vicksburg, MS

The Yuletide Souls Festival is hosted by Imagicopter and is intended to bring notice to child abuse awareness. This event will take place at The Vicksburg Public Library on Dec 18th from 10am-3:30pm. Guest will find a nice diversity of literature and art at this event.

Authors and Artists Attending are Listed Alphabetically:

H. David Blalock (Fantasy Author) http://www.thrankeep.com/

Alexander S. Brown (Horror Author) http://www.traumatizedsouls.com/

Andy Childress (Graphic Novelist) http://www.bubbaworldcomix.com/

A. Christopher Drown (Fantasy Author) http://www.amageofnonemagic.blogspot.com/

Charles Walter Jett (Artist)

Roland Mann (Fantasy Author) http://www.rolandmann.wordpress.com/

Jennifer Mulvihill (Fantasy Author) www.home.comcast.net/~mulvijen/site/

Herika Raymer (Fantasy Author) www.jacketflap.com/profile.asp?member=Herika

Karen Sanders (Watercolorist)

J. Moffett Walker (Inspirational Author) http://www.blueprintsofsirmichael.com/

Visit http://www.imagicopter.com/ to learn more of each author and artist.

Best Wishes,

Alexander S. Brown