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Kicking off 2010, Horror Author, Alexander S. Brown will speak and sign at the following location on January 16, 2010.

Prentiss Library

2229 Pearl Avenue

Prentiss, MS 39474

(601) 792-5845
Signing will be from 1pm-3pm

At this location copies of Alexander S. Brown's controversial anthology, Traumatized, will be sold for $20.00 each signed.
Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown exposes the depths of human depravity and the dank realms of the macabre.

In a collection where the comforts of church are forbidden, learn of a depraved congregation. Journey the downward spiral that forces a morally corrupt celebrity to revile her ugliness. Experience the lengths to which a madman will go to keep his true love. Explore the world of maniacs, the supernatural, creatures, eternal damnation, and the occult.

Beware . . . the shadows may camouflage a culprit. Realize . . . that bump in the night isn’t just a tree branch tapping at your window. Learn what it really means to be . . . Traumatized.

Learn More:

Contact Author for Event:

Critics Have Raved:

Traumatized is damn worth paying attention to, and I hands-down recommend it. Nicholas Grabowsky, Author of, Red Wet Dirt

Brown is very descriptive and atmospheric. He utilizes very cool metaphorical sentence structures, and he has a knack for keeping you on the very edge, throughout his stories [which progressively get better, in my opinion]
If you enjoy short stories, then this collection is definitely recommended! Horror Reviews

This is an excellent short story collection that I recommend to horror fans. The Monster Librarian

In the Prologue, Brown cites both Edgar Allen Poe and Friedrich Nietzsche, and, in the pages of Traumatized, he takes his rightful place as their literary nextof-kin. Anyone who is not currently a fan of horror fiction will surely be converted once they delve into the compelling world that Brown has created. Highly recommended. Apex Reviews

It's always hard enough to find an author you like, but I can assure you Brown's work will promptly impress you.

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Book Signing for Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown in Columbia, MS

On December 12, 2009, Alexander S. Brown will sign copies of Traumatized at the Columbia Library in Columbia, MS, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Paperbacks will be available for $20 each. Following is contact information for that location.

Columbia Public Library
900 Broad Street

Columbia, MS


(601) 736-1812

Only paperbacks will be sold at this location.

To order a hardback edition, please visit:

Learn more at:


Unfortunately, Traumatized, has offended some of the El Dorado area and I was told that the book was against the religion of a few individuals. I have been asked to cancel my signing in El Dorado tomorrow due to the graphic subjects in this anthology. I really hate this because I was looking forward to meeting the area and the newspaper had written an article regarding my appearance. To prove I am not antireligious or anti peace, I have posted a video explaining my purpose for this creation. See video here. I’m sorry that I won’t be able to meet anyone tomorrow but if you would still like to buy a copy please visit

Best Wishes,
Alexander S. Brown

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Horror Author Signs at Art Beats Coffee Shop in El Dorado, AR

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for a great 4th signing in Shreveport, LA. I hope everyone enjoys this collection as I'm gaining more and more readers.

My next signing will be at:

Art Beats
El Dorado, AR
October 24, 2009,
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Books will be available for $20 signed.
For those who can't attend and would like to order a signed copy please email me at
To learn more about Traumatized please visit the following links:
Or order your copy at:
Best Wishes,
Alexander S. Brown

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Horror Author, Nicholas Grabowsky Reviews Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown

Review of Traumatized
Given By:
Nicholas Grabowsky (Horror Author)

Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown (2006 Publish America.) Read more about the author and the novel here. After reading Traumatized I decided in this review to make an example out of Alexander S. Brown. Going down that road, I must begin with how this work came to my attention, and if memory serves me right I believe I was introduced to Brown's Myspace page, and one thing led to another resulting with a copy in the mail and an author at the other end anxious to know my thoughts. I get a lot of that. And if I had a nickel for every last one.................yet, at the end of the day, I've read through the works of many unsung authors and more often than not I've found most of them to be promising, despite shortcomings, despite lack of the proper infusion of poetry in their prose, oftentimes exhibiting great storytelling/character structure but lacking in the sort of finesse that turns pages and makes a mediocre book a great work to be proud of as an author....that sort of thing, especially with what goes regarding a majority of self-published material.

Alex Brown is self-published, his first novel Sweet Dreams ( 2003 from Authorhouse, or 1st Books Library as was what it's been known as prior to being Authorhouse), has a couple of good reviews by laymen reviewers on Amazon and sports one of the worst covers I've ever seen on a book.

In 2008, Brown utilized the services of Xlibris to publish his 15-tale, 300-plus-page collection Traumatized, the work which falls under scrutiny here. I checked out an "about the book" website regarding Traumatized designed by Xlibris that looks hella cool but doesn't say much of anything, and, a more personal site ala Brown's Myspace presence but doesn't have much to it albeit a good bio about the author. Since his high school years in Mississippi, Alex Brown has more than tampered around with his passion for telling stories, the kind of dark stories I dig, and in print he's been around since 2003, so to date he's been dancing around with stories to tell and sell to the masses for a good handful of years but (for reasons that likely have to do with why his web presence lacks the meat and potatoes I was hoping to find) he remains a teeny little voice compared to where he should be by now.

Point is, Traumatized is a collection that deserves far more credit than what's encompassed within the above paragraph, and it blows me away how this assemblage of exhilarating and refreshingly macabre series of stories could not have been more prominently pimped than it has. It's an example......a perfect example......of a genuine piece of work that deserves the attention of writers and writer's associations whose authors do this sort of thing for a living but falls short of the recognition it deserves. Take Feast of the Pigs, for example.....highly entertaining cops/turned-bloodsucking-creatures faire, how a Big Easy spirit came to be in Althea's Last Dance is top-notch narrative, and we also have a delightful The End of Summer where a hand-me-down occult book library inspires grisly voo-doo doll-type mayhem done with balls-out satisfying style. There are a handful of instances where Brown seems a bit long-winded.....where, for example, the opening Bloodlines tale (essentially a good haunted house-type "Clue" where a group of people are summoned to a mansion to search for a mysterious treasure) can be detailed down a bit and given momentum. Traumatized is damn worth paying attention to, and I hands-down recommend it.

Now that I've said what I've said, I don't think I need to make an example of Alexander Brown. I think he's an example in his own right, of a literary talent that needs to broaden his horizons to the extent that it fits the exemplary nature of what he's done with this work, and not hide it under a bushel and remain that teeny little voice. Some of this caliber of, it's well above a lot of the books I get in the mail to review that makes me say yet again "....if I had a nickel for every last one......" and it's a shame it hasn't seen anywhere near its potential yet, for lack of whatever the reason, online or off.

Order your copy at:
Learn more of Traumatized:

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Fourth Book Signing for Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown in Shreveport, LA

The fourth book signing for Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown will take place on August 1, 2009.

Location of Event:

Mall St. Vincent
1133 Saint Vincent Avenue, #200
Shreveport, LA 711104


(318) 227-9880

Signing Times:

10:00 am - 9:00 pm

$20.00 for each signed paperback.

Order Hardback online through

Best Wishes,

Alexander S. Brown

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Critic Jason from Horror Reviews Reads Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown

Monday, March 23, 2009


Review by The Bone Breaker

Generally, I reserve short stories for when I am between novels - particularly if I am waiting for a book to arrive in the mail - that way, I know I will not be in the middle of a book, when a new one arrives. :-)

This wasn't the case with this collection of short stories. I had nothing on my plate when I started to read this collection, and it's a good thing as I was so captivated by the tales within, that a new novel would have had to have been set aside anyhow.

The first story, Bloodlines, is the longest at 47 pages. This is the story of four complete strangers who are invited to a mysterious gathering at a Southern Louisiana Manor, that was built in the 1800's, and has a sordid history behind it. It is a tale of greed. . .

Next is April - the story of a 17 year-old girl who has been experiencing mysterious blackouts. Upon awakening, her bedroom would appear to have been ransacked, and at one point she even found a butcher knife under her mattress. What is the story behind her strange blackouts?
[this one is a great story, however I felt that it ended too abruptly - I wanted more!]
* Note: Keeping in contact with the author of this collection, I found out, just the other day, that April may be made into a film - Cool! :-)

In The God Complex, Brown tells the tale of a cult that uses methadone wafers [during their weekly communion] to control its congregation through addiction and sedation. . .
From Midnight to One tells the story of an unhappily married woman, waiting for her husband to come home - while home alone, in the woods, during a storm, with possible intruders in the house. . .
[a very cool & creepy story]

In The Acquired Taste, a new parasite is discovered in some sushi - a parasite that affects the brain, turning people homicidal!

It's All True is an excellent story about an author who is investigating a haunted mansion that was once used as an amputation hospital during the Civil War. He enters with only a camera, a recorder, and a flashlight. . .

Live Through This is a scary story because it could really happen - it is a tale of a bedridden man and his obsessed lover!

In Two Miles, the main character of the story wakes up - seemingly in the middle of a desert - not knowing when or how he got there. After a mysterious wall and a billboard "screen" appear, showing scenes from his life, he begins to wonder if he has been drugged. . .

The End of Summer is probably the most memorable story in this collection. In this story, the title character - Summer - inherits her aunt's home, which is filled with all sorts of occult paraphernalia, including books, voodoo dolls, etc. After going through the home, bizarre deaths start to occur. . .

Feast of the Pigs tells the story of a drug pusher who is arrested in an alley, by a female officer. He is then stuck in a holding cell - his rights were not read to him, he did not get a phone call, and he was never fingerprinted. . .
[Screw it, I'm going to blow the whistle on this one - this one is a killer vampire story! Ahhhhh - sorry, I couldn't help myself]

In A Dead Ringer, on New Year's Eve, 1897, an unfaithful wife and her lover murder her husband. . .
[this tale was fantastic and has a very "Poe" feel to it]

House by the River tells the tale of a schizophrenic serial killer, as told by a lone survivor. . .

Althea's Last Dance is the story of a modern day Jack the Ripper. Althea is a stripper, who crosses his path. . .
[If you were wondering about the cover of the book - shown above - it is a butterfly charm, which is worn by Althea in this story]

Bliss Hill is the shortest story in this collection - only a mere five pages. In 1942, something is killing the chickens and cattle on a rural farm. . .

The last story, Zoe's Swan Song is about an egotistical superstar who is determined to become even more beautiful than she already is. . .
[this one is quite nauseating, and I mean that as a compliment]

In the very beginning of the book, Brown quotes Poe, Lovecraft, Nietzsche, and Francis Bacon - I am not familiar with Bacon, though I am certain that the others would be be proud of their influence upon Brown's bodies of work found in this collection. Brown is very descriptive and atmospheric. He utilizes very cool metaphorical sentence structures, and he has a knack for keeping you on the very edge, throughout his stories [which progressively get better, in my opinion]

If you enjoy short stories, then this collection is definitely recommended!
For further information, you can visit the author's website at

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Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown

Order through your local book store or on,,, or

Third Book Signing in Monroe, LA for Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown at Pecanland Mall on May 9, 2009

The third book signing for Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown will be at:

Pecanland Mall
4700 Millhaven Road
Monroe, LA 71203

This will be from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm on May 9, 2009.
Price for paperback signed will be $20.00 or

Best Wishes,
Alexander S. Brown

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My First Review/Interview Regarding Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown

Alexander Brown
ISBN: 9781436374088
Reviewed By Renee Washburn
Official Apex Reviews :

Traumatized, the new collection of short stories by Alexander Brown, takes the reader on a convoluted, eye-opening – and often disturbing – journey through a world of imagined horror. Each of the fifteen dark tales that comprise Traumatized features unsuspecting pawns who suddenly find themselves caught up in twisted games of terror and deception, none of whom are fully aware of precisely how they ended up there – but each knowing that, without a combination of quick wits and good luck, they won’t make it out alive. Consider, for example, the tale of four strangers summoned to the expansive mansion of a reclusive billionaire: as the last scion in his family bloodline, he is the lawful heir to its considerable fortune – only he has no idea where all the valuables have been stashed. After receiving his assurances that he’ll share the wealth with them (should they discover it), the strangers embark on the quest of searching the family home for the riches. Along the way, though, they discover that they each share a unique connection to one another, at the same time learning that blood must be shed in exchange for access to the family fortune – just whose blood it will be, though, depends on a gruesome conclusion that they each must reach…

Or the tale of April, the seventeen year-old high school senior who suddenly finds herself suffering from periodic blackouts: having no idea why the affliction has befallen her – or, for that matter, how to fix it – she turns to her sister, Amanda, for help. In return, Amanda shares what she believes to be the cause of the recurring condition, and she offers to “monitor” the situation, out of apparent concern for her troubled sibling. April eventually learns, though, that – for good reason – Amanda is the last person in the world that she should trust…

And readers are sure to be caught completely off guard by the tale of Craig and Victoria, a troubled husband and wife whose marriage is sinking fast, due to Craig’s worsening gambling addiction. When their counselor recommends that they move to a remote cabin in the woods to try to jump start their relationship, the couple agrees. What they don’t realize – until it’s too late – is that the cabin serves as the nexus point of a deadly ritual that is only conducted every 50 years – and their timing couldn’t be worse…

With the various twisted tales of Traumatized, Brown proves his absolute mastery of the horror genre. His skill at mixing the macabre and the mundane is unmatched, and he is a genius at the art of maintaining suspense. Each of his stories has its own unique appeal, and they all come together to form a powerful collection guaranteed to captivate the reader’s imagination and interest.

In the Prologue, Brown cites both Edgar Allen Poe and Friedrich Nietzsche, and, in the pages of Traumatized, he takes his rightful place as their literary next-of-kin. Anyone who is not currently a fan of horror fiction will surely be converted once they delve into the compelling world that Brown has created. Highly recommended.

Official Apex Reviews Interview:
Alexander Brown (Traumatized)
Apex Reviews:
Thanks for joining us for this interview, Alexander. We're looking forward to learning more about your book.

How long did it take you to craft all the stories featured in the book?

Alexander Brown: Creating Traumatized took approximately five years to complete. It all began with “House by the River,” a short story I wrote for my high school creative writing class. From that point on, different scenery inspired other tales. When I vacationed in D.C. and New Orleans, “Althea’s Last Dance” and “Two Miles” were created. While vacationing in the Mississippi Delta and Memphis, the story “The End of Summer” was completed.

Over this five-year time span, I believe I kept my stories mature, but not too visceral. The last tale, “Zoe’s Swansong,” was the last story I created for “Traumatized,” and it took longer to complete than any other tale in the collection. The reason for the extra time was that I realized I would use this tale as the last story, and I wanted to make it the goriest because I needed to make a very strong statement regarding “inner beauty.”

Through the years, as I crafted Traumatized I noticed each story had its own rhythm or pace, and it took me a month after completion before I decided on the placement of the stories. Once everything was in order, the stories began to spiral from mild to extreme.

AR: In "Bloodlines," how is Draven able to discover his blood ties to the folks that he invited to his estate?

AB: In “Bloodlines,” I try to portray Draven as a magnanimous and mysterious character. I never really specified how he found the kin of the mansion because I felt the mystery would be more exciting for the reader if they had to draw their own conclusions.

Draven is a very intelligent and cunning man. Due to his sophistication and manipulation, the only response he gave for finding his lost kin was a lie. I believe he would rarely tell the truth.

AR: In "The God Complex," where did you get the idea for the inscriptions on the tombstones?

AB: I wrote “God Complex” around the time the Da Vinci Code hit theaters. At that time, I had swan-dived into numerology, and the result was the creation of a code of my own. It was a code normal people wouldn’t understand, only those of the congregation. A false date representing a scripture in “Revelation,” if one did the math, would be easier to hide the truth of the town if there had been visitors.

AR: Is there really such a thing as methadone wafers?

AB: Yes, methadone wafers exist; they aren’t as big as communion tabs, though. Physicians prescribe this drug to people as a painkiller, mostly in extreme cases. An acquaintance of mine, who is now clean of addiction, used to fake pain so he could receive a wafer. This drug can be highly addictive, and, from what I was told, has similar effects to the characters who received a high in “God Complex.”

AR: Is it truly possible to be as "unhinged" as April's sister is?

AB: In the tale of “April,” it was possible to be a murderer or a murderess, such as Amanda, and not be insane. I have read that most females, especially serial killers, have a variety of motives, but the most popular motives are attention, fear of losing someone, or money. In “April,” Amanda claims her motive for drugging her sister and committing patricide was boredom. Amanda isn’t psychotic; she’s a psychopath. People who are psychopaths aren’t legally insane. They know the difference between right and wrong, and they are rational, intelligent, and charming. They seem perfectly normal; however, they are incapable of love, empathy, caring, or sorrow. Since Amanda isn’t suffering from hallucinations or delusions, she can’t be labeled psychotic.

AR: "From Midnight To One" is a heart-pounding, suspense-filled classic. Was it a difficult tale for you to create, considering how well you manage to maintain the suspense of the story until the very end?

AB: In “From Midnight to One,” the suspense came from being alone at night in the middle of nowhere. I wrote this tale in the matter of a few hours, during a storm, at night, in the the middle of winter. I thought the first thing to make Victoria vulnerable was to sever all communications, such as phone and even television. Seclusion was the next step to achieve. I did this with the intensity of the storm and lack of transportation. Just by using simple methods, Victoria is trapped with nowhere to go. Then, I set the story in motion with her wondering about that bump in the night and whether or not it was just a tree branch. Considering that this was written when I was without electricity and had a dead cell phone, it was not very difficult to create this story, especially with my overactive imagination.

AR: The cover of the book is quite the interesting concept. Who came up with it, and what does it signify?

AB: The cover of Traumatized was my idea, but it was designed by Jessica Pettis, a long time friend and great artist I grew to know in high school. The image on the cover is actually the metal, jeweled butterfly Althea wore in “Althea’s Last Dance.” I chose the iron butterfly because it shows both sides of the coin; it’s elegant, but disturbing at the same time.

AR: Our reviewer drew links between you and Edgar Allen Poe. Is he one of your chief writing influences? Also, who are some of your other favorite writers?

AB: Poe is a great inspiration to me, and I’m honored by the reviewer’s comparison. Other authors who have been a great inspiration to me are Stephen King and Dean Koontz, but mostly Clive Barker.

AR: Please share more with our readers about your publisher, Xlibris.

AB: I found Xlibris, my publisher, via the internet. What drew me to them were their great marketing skills. For the last three years, I have worked in marketing, so I knew what to search for in other agencies. When we collaborated on our advertising plan, everything worked out great, especially the chosen key terms we used with

AR: What are your future writing/publishing aspirations?

AB: As for the future, I have completed the first book in a fantasy, horror epic series, which is currently untitled. My next printing endeavor is the novel Syrenthia Falls, which delves into the teenage life with peer pressure, sex, drugs, and bullies. Although this sounds like a great drama, I promise the horror is equal to Traumatized.

AR: Do you plan to stick with short stories, or are you planning to explore other genres?

AB: I will always stick with horror. Short stories are fun, and I enjoy writing novels as well. I’m outlining another short story collection, which is actually a follow-up to Traumatized, but before this is published I want to complete Syrenthia Falls.

AR: Do you have a website where our readers can learn more about you?

AB: Yes, and, which leads to my MySpace account.

AR: Also, please share your contact information, just in case they'd like to reach you directly.

AB: Visit or email me at

AR: Any final thoughts you'd like to share?

AB: My final thoughts are thanks for the interview, and Google Alexander S. Brown for upcoming events.

AR: Thanks again, Alexander, and best of continued success to you in all your endeavors!

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Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown Update *Signed Paperbacks for Sale!*

Last Thursday was a great signing for Traumatized. I just want to take this time to tell everyone thank you for your support and I can't wait to see what you think of Traumatized.

I do have very few paperbacks left and they're going very quickly. If you would like a signed copy of Traumatized, please email me. I'm pricing paperbacks at $18.00 with shipping and handling included.

I'm accepting money orders.In your email please specify how you would like me to sign your copy and I will respond with my P.O. Box.

Also, check out my new website it has photos, links, samples, events, updates, and reviews.

Best Wishes,
Alexander S. Brown

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Review on Traumatized by The Angry Princess

Traumatized- Author Alexander S. Brown
Saturday November 22nd, 2008 7:23 pm Posted by AngryPrincess

ISBN: Hard Cover- 978-1-4363-7409-5
Soft Cover- 978-1-4363-7408-8
Xlibris Publishing

Alexander S. Brown sent me a copy of his book Traumatized and it kept me on my couch the whole weekend with my nose buried in his 15 fabulous tales. This is a smorgasboard of stories to tempt your sensory taste buds with. I say this because there is a story about every topic there is- from witches, demons, and hell, to a nasty bout with sushi! But here is the thing, even though they are topics we've already heard about thousands of times before, they are all still original storylines that haven't already been imprinted in your noggin from years of previous experience. It's always hard enough to find an author you like, but I can assure you Brown's work will promptly impress you.