Thursday, January 13, 2011

Submission Call for Short Story Contest


Editors/Authors J. L. Mulvihill and Alexander S. Brown are accepting short story submissions for the horror anthology, “Southern Haunts: Spirits of the South That Walk Among Us”.

Guidelines are as follows:

1. Each author can submit two stories.
2. There is a 10 page minimum or a 20 page maximum.
3. Longer stories are accepted for special consideration.
4. Maintain a pg-13 rating. Please refrain from gratuitous sex, extreme violence, or highly explicit language.
5. Stories must be based in the South. You may write of a state that you have currently or previously resided in.
6. Material may only contain haunted houses, places, or buildings.
7. All stories must have a historical description of the location.
8. Setting must be inspired by an actual haunted location.
9. Only fictional characters may be used. References to actual historical names are considered.
10. Please have fun and be creative. Please do not write a story that has been done previously, such as one with a twist ending where the lead character is a ghost and they are telling their story from a 1st person perspective. Etc.

Areas to Consider for Story Setting:
1. Southern California
2. Arizona
3. New Mexico
4. Texas
5. Oklahoma
6. Arkansas
7. Louisiana
8. Mississippi
9. Tennessee
10. Alabama
11. Georgia
12. Florida
13. North Carolina
14. South Carolina

J. L. Mulvihill and Alexander S. Brown will close the submission call by January 1, 2012. Please email your story submission to and title your email “Southern Haunts Submission”.
Best Wishes,
Alexander S. Brown

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