Tuesday, October 2, 2012

10 Facts You Did Not Know About Traumatized by Alexander S. Brown

1. Each story has a moral to it.

2. The story "Live Through This" isn't about bashing homosexuality, it is about homophobia.

3. The story "House by the River" was written when Alexander S. Brown was in high school and it changed very little before publishing.

4. "The God Complex" is inspired by The Westboro Baptist Church.

5. The image on the cover of Traumatized is inspired by the story "Althea's Last Dance" it is a butterfly from Hell.

6. "The God Complex" once caused Traumatized to be banned from the location that the author was to sign at.

7. Although the last story "Zoe's Swansong" is the most gruesome of his tales, it is the story that is most loved by females.

8. The story "Bliss Hill" has the exact same property layout as the author's birth home property.

9. The stories "Two Miles" and "Live Through This" were censored before they were allowed to be published.

10. Traumatized was rejected by mainstream literary agents as they said that it did not focus on romantic vampires.

You can order your copy of Traumatized online in hardback, paperback and ebook.  Traumatized is also available for order at any Barnes and Noble location.  The following link provides you with a free story.


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